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Logical Admin Managed I.T. Services

Logical Admin was founded in 2008 as a result of a simple observation. That all businesses require the very best from their I.T. solution, without letting it break the bank. We understand that the cost of doing business is something organizations must endure. We use a comprehensive yet cost-effective solution to help businesses in their effort to save and grow. This state-of-the-art solution uses predictive measures and known resolutions to resolve issues. This bundled with our knowledgeable technical engineers allows us to stay cost-effective.

Every single one of Logical Admin's technicians has been certified through Microsoft’s rigorous certification program. Each technician takes the time to work with our clients and learn their specific business needs. We believe in a structure that allows your organization to grow. We see this growth as something that will directly coincide with our own. When you sign up for our support and service, we work more like your internal I.T. department not just your remote managed services company. We believe this type of synergy helps your business achieve its goal. Logical Admin staff strive to be your single point of technical support contact.

Logical Admin works diligently to develop a process that allows the businesses we collaborate with to flourish. When you call our support lines you know you are speaking to the very best for your organization.




Your support is always just one call or support ticket away.

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Made for several different layers of cloud services to fit your organization's needs.
All our cloud services are HIPAA compliant and redundantly configured.


PO box 1157
3205 Woodward Crossing Blvd Suite F
Buford, GA 30519


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