About Us

At LOGICAL ADMIN, we take the time to get to know your business and its needs completely. Our global perspective is informed by a deep understanding of your technical requirements and business goals, allowing us to provide smart, scalable, managed hosting services optimized for your enterprise. Every solution we deliver is supported by a dedicated team of experienced, certified professionals with specific knowledge about your needs and your unique business objectives. Priority one for this team is to understand your technical requirements to leverage its power, optimize its performance and ensure its security.

Our comprehensive suite of managed services allows our clients to focus on their core business, while relying on LOGICAL ADMIN as their single point of accountability for I.T. infrastructure. We deliver best-in-class performance and security, and all of our offerings are designed to meet compliance standards. You’ll work with qualified engineers and service pros to develop, deliver and maintain your ideal managed solution.


To accomplish this, we rely on an advanced set of I.T. tools and skilled I.T. professionals.  We provide exceptional value and innovation to achieve measurable reliability and performance results. Whether you are seeking an integrated solution to support existing infrastructure components, or you are ready to completely outsource your I.T. environment, our clients will tell you that Logical Admin delivers the best in I.T. standards .

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