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Who To Submit Support Request

How to submit a tick on Windows.

  1. Click the ^ on your task menu bar.

  2. Click the logical admin icon  

  3. Click Create New Ticket to open the Logical Admin customer portal

  4. Add ticket info

If this is the first tick you are submitting you will need to configure

your user portal.

1. Click Create New Ticket.

2. Fill out Portal information

3. Your Full Name and Email then click Send Token.

4. You will receive an email from this email will contain your token copy and paste this into personal info settings window and click save.


How to use the new ticketing system to submit and follow support requests to completion.

Your management team can also check the status of submitted tickets their team submits. 


  1. Click this link to download.

  2. This file will be saved in your Default Download directory.

  3. Click the setup.msp file to install the logical admin agent

  4. Click Yes on the agent agreement.

  5. Follow on screen instructions.

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