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Whether you're a client or not you can always rely on Logical Admin to support you in your needs.

Our support is based on a simple yet cost effective implementation.

Support plan one will give you everything you need to run your small to medium business with enough time and remote support to make sure your systems stay effective and up to date.

Support plan two is for medium to large businesses that is in need a full-fledged IT department. We work to integrate our solution into your organization. becoming your one point of contact for all your technical needs.

Support plan three is based around integrating ourselves into your existing technical department. We are the extra bit of support your technical department needs. From special projects to general overflow

Support plan four we'll allow you to rest at ease knowing that we have taken control over the entire technical environment within your organization. We will manage monitor and replace all your technical assets.

please note that all these plans can be altered with one simple call to a sales Rep at logical admin.

If you don't see what you're looking for here, please feel free to contact us directly.




Full systems integration,
We provide all of the hardware, software and support staff your organization will need.



Technical integration with your existing technical staff.
we understand that sometimes your technical staff can be overwhelmed with the amount of workflow that may be in your environment. that's why we've come up with LtS3.
this plan includes integration with our Technical Support team and your existing support staff we can assist them with any of their ongoing projects as well as catching their overflow.



Advanced support package Starts at $55 per month per system.

With this option you may add servers for an additional $110 pr month pr server

This service package includes just about everything you will need to keep your business running efficiently.

  • 24-hour remote support.

  • 24-hour support calls.

  • 24-hour device monitoring.

  • 24-Hour network monitoring.

  • One point of contact for all your technical needs.

  • Priority support ticketing.

  • Access to the knowledge base.

  • Connect remotely to any PC within your organization.

  • Foley managed and monitored Antivirus, Malware, and ransomware protection.

  • Discounts on Office 365 “Word, Excel and Outlook”

  • Off-site workstation backups upon request.

  • Access to special project management.

  • The ability to request on-site support.

  • Off site server backups up to but not limited to 50 terabytes “additional space upon request”

And More



Standard support package Starts at $50 per month per system. Up to 5 systems

With this option you may add servers for an additional $110 pr month pr server limit 3.

This service package includes just about everything you will need to keep your small to medium size business running efficiently.

  • One number for all your Support needs during normal business hours “0900 to 1700”.

  • 10 hours pr month Remote support to any system on your subscription.

  • Utilization of our ticketing system and knowledgebase.

  • Offsite backups for server up to 10tb.

  • Antivirus and malware protection on servers

  • Encryption of all data on servers.

  • 24-hour remote monitoring in troubleshooting of servers.


Additionally, we offer added technical services upon request


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