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Logical Admin works diligently to develop a process that allows the businesses we collaborate with to flourish. When you call our support lines you know you are speaking to the very best for your organization.
Residential Services

Residential Service

We are now offering our cutting-edge technologies as a residential service.

On-site, remote & in-home computer services

Logical Admin is now offering our services for your in-home computing needs. Our technicians are polite, friendly, and highly experienced. They have the expertise to help you with any issue, regardless of difficulty or complexity. From basic repairs to large home networks installation and configuration, our knowledgeable techs will work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your problems are resolved.

If you’re experiencing issues with viruses, malware, or spyware, we can take care of that too. We’ll diagnose the source of the problem and remove any malicious software from your system, so it runs optimally.


Need help setting up a new device or repairing that old device or perhaps you bought a new home and would like a professional network configuration? We’ve got you covered there too! Our team can walk you through all the necessary steps to ensure everything is set up correctly and properly. Whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or overwhelming configuration of new hardware. We can provide all the support required for a smooth setup.

With Logical Admin, you can finally bid farewell to frustrating tech problems! This reliable service will provide speedy solutions at an affordable cost. Contact us today and let our specialists get started on helping you solve all of your technical issues


Why call a geek when you can call a Tech



In today's fast growing smart home world, you need a reliable source of support for all of your connected devices. From Z wave, Z wave+, Zigbee and all your smart home communication devices. We can support your home

Home Network


Wired and Wireless Network Installation: Solutions that fit your needs and budget. Our team will work with you to design a network that meets your requirements and provides the reliability and security you need —ethernet drops, structured cabling, fiber connections, outdoor Wi-Fi, And More.


Network Configuration and Optimization: Our team can design, configure, and optimize your network to ensure it runs at peak performance. This can include creating heat maps, optimizing wireless coverage, configuring routers and switches, and securing your network against external threats.


Network Troubleshooting and Support: Whether you are experiencing slow speeds, connectivity issues, or other problems, our team can help diagnose and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. We offer on-site and remote support services to ensure your network is always up and running.

home server


A home server is ideal for storing files such as music, photos, and videos, whilst also making them widely accessible to a range of devices.
Say, you’ve got a household full of devices for every family member, and they each want to watch videos from the holiday you’ve just been on? It’s just not practical or efficient to download and store the exact same file on multiple devices.



For those of us living in large homes, even in the safest neighborhoods, we’ve been used to paying for dependable alarm systems and security companies who monitor our alarms and can respond to break-ins. What are we really protecting in our home? From the standpoint of physical security: maybe some expensive electronics, jewelry, and our personal safety and protection. From a digital security standpoint, the stakes are even higher. 


Losing access to bank accounts and financial information can easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. In fact, at Logical Admin, we’ve seen successful cybersecurity fraud schemes that have netted criminals over $500,000. And while few worry about personal safety threats over the internet, digital identity theft often has ongoing consequences. 

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